Citrus Kale

| SERVES 4 One serving equals 1 vegetable. Don’t forget to get in your veggies this Thanksgiving! We got you covered with this recipe for Citrus Kale!   INGREDIENTS 3 cups kale ½ cup onion,...

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Turkey Meatballs

| SERVES 4 One serving (2 balls) equals 1 ¼ protein, ¼ starch, ½ vegetable, ¼ fat. Everyone is expecting Turkey to be the main Thanksgiving dish, but how about having it as a side dish...

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Cauliflower Smashed Potatoes

| SERVES 4 One serving equals ½ vegetable, ¼ dairy We all know mashed potatoes are a staple of Thanksgiving dinner, but what about having a similar texture and flavour except without the excess carbs: Enter...

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