Meal Plans & Allotments

Our meal plans and allotments system were designed by a team of dieticians, naturopaths, and nutritionists to teach you how to eat the foods you love consciously and healthily to ensure you develop a lifelong positive relationship with food, with the support of your Personal Health Coach and tools like food journals, food scales, and more!

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 Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Our Meal Plans & Allotments System

Our meal plans and allotments system will help you learn how to feed your body properly, specifically helping you practice portion control and conscious eating so that you build a positive and healthy relationship with food for the rest of your life:

Learn How To Feed Your Body Properly

During your program, your Personal Health Coach will teach you about the foods you love, some new foods you may not have considered, and the different food groups so that you can get the proper nutrients each day to fuel your body effectively.

Practice Portion Control For The Foods You Love

Your Personal Health Coach and Food Journals, will help you practice proper portion control so that you develop awareness when it comes to the foods you eat and the drinks you consume so you’re giving your body the right amount of nutrients to thrive, without over or under-doing it.

Build A Positive & Healthy Relationship With Food

The learnings and awareness that you’ll develop with our meal plans and allotments system will help you build a positive lifelong relationship with food so that you know how to feed your body with healthy, wholesome ingredients from a variety of food groups to live healthily and happily even after you’ve completed your weight loss plan.

How Does The Meal Plans & Allotments System Work?

Your customizable meal plans and allotments system is designed for you based on body composition and preferences, so in combination with the supportive tools that you’ll be provided during your weight loss plan, you’ll develop a healthy relationship with food:

Based on your BMI, current activity levels, and lifestyle you’ll be provided customizable meal plans and specific daily food allotments to help you develop your awareness when it comes to food consumption.
Depending on your preferred diet, the daily food allotments you’ll follow throughout your weight loss plan will help ensure that you have a balanced diet, which includes meals that contain fruits, starches, fats, proteins, dairies, & vegetables on a daily basis while incorporating the foods you love like chocolate, bread, cheese, butter, and even wine!
Throughout your weight loss plan, you’ll be provided shopping lists, weekly meals and recipes, portion guides, food journals, and even community support from other Herbal Magic members to help you follow and fulfill your personalized daily food allotments, so you actually learn how to fuel your body properly.

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