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Why Choose Herbal Magic?

We Offer Effective Weight Loss Solutions

We provide effective weight loss solutions for anyone looking to lose weight themselves with our premium natural health supplements, or those looking for dedicated support through our weight loss plans so they can get coaching, supplements, meal plans, & more!


We Provide Personalized Weight Loss Support

We recognize that everyone is different, so we offer personalized weight loss support and recommendations on our programs, but also through free consultations for those looking to use our premium natural health supplements.


We Share Insightful Weight Loss Information

We strive to teach people how to lose weight, and that means we have to continuously share credible information about weight loss, like applicable tips for losing weight, healthy recipes to try, and relevant information about the weight loss industry.


How It Works

Once you sign up for a Herbal Magic Weight Loss Plan, you’ll complete a medical history questionnaire and meet your dedicated Personal Health Coach. Once you’ve both aligned on your selected natural health products and your journey, you’ll start your weight loss program:

This two-day phase will get you started with your supplements to help cleanse and kick-start your body so it’s ready to lose weight. Once you’ve completed the two-day cleanse, you’ll move on to Phase 2. 
In this phase, your coaches will continue to teach you how to customize your meals and use our allotment system so you can make healthy, wholesome meals. You’ll be in this phase until you lose 10 pounds. Once you’ve lost those initial pounds, you’ll move to Phase 3. 
In this phase, you’ll have access to more diverse foods, while continuing to meet with your coach and take your supplements. You’ll be in this phase until you reach your goal weight. Once you’ve achieved your goal, you’ll move to Phase 4.
This 6-week phase will teach you how to keep the weight you lost off for good! Your meal customizations and supplements will be updated to focus on maintaining overall health, rather than weight loss. Once this phase is completed, you’ll be all set to live healthy and be happy.

Book A FREE Consultation Now!

Sign up to receive a complimentary consultation with our Lead Personal Health Coach. Have all your questions answered before making any decisions about joining the program.