Personal Health Coach

Our certified Personal Health Coaches provide you with unlimited, personalized support and expert guidance as part of our weight loss plans, while they can also provide you with recommendations for our natural health products during a free consultation!

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Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Having A Personal Health Coach

Having a Personal Health Coach has many benefits, as they are certified experts that can provide you with specific recommendations, they are your personal cheerleader and accountability partner to keep you on track with your goal, and they teach you different techniques and share insightful information so you learn how to lose weight, be healthy, and live happier:

Personal Health Coach Recommendations

Your Personal Health Coach will give you personalized recommendations to help you overcome any challenges, barriers, plateaus, or issues you experience on your weight loss journey, as they have years of experience and solutions to leverage to help you specifically!

Personal Cheerleader & Accountability Partner

Your Personal Health Coach is there to keep you on track throughout your weight loss journey by ensuring you're sticking to your program, boosting your excitement about your progress, celebrating your milestones, and encouraging you to achieve your goal!

Personal Health Coach Teachings

Your Personal Health Coach will not only teach you how to use the tools in our plans like our food allotment system, but they will also help you develop a healthier relationship with food and your body so you understand how to lose weight and keep it off for good in the future!

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How Does The Personal Health Coaching Work?

First you’ll meet your dedicated Personal Health Coach, then you’ll work with your coach throughout the duration of your plan, and once you’ve achieved your weight loss goal, they’ll be a resource for you to turn to whenever you need them

Once you sign up for a Herbal Magic Weight Loss Plan, you’ll be partnered with your dedicated Personal Health Coach within a business day of signing up. After you’ve been assigned your Personal Health Coach, you’ll meet for the first time to review your Health History Questionnaire and discuss your personalized natural health supplements, which you’ll be provided throughout the duration of your program.
Once those initial “ice-breakers” are out of the way you’ll work together to monitor your progress, review meal plans and food choices, create awareness using your Food Journals and work to overcome any weight loss challenges. Your Personal Health Coach will be available to talk to you by phone, text message, email, or in our app!
Once you’ve completed your plan and achieved your weight loss goal, your Personal Health Coach will remain a resource for you to reach out to with any health and wellness questions. Your Coach will also reach out every now and then to check in and share any special offers they think might interest you. After the journey you’ve been on together, you may even become life-long friends!

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