Asparagus Omelet

Asparagus Omelet

Start your day on a healthy and spicy note with our Asparagus Omelet, where fresh flavours and wellness combine for the perfect breakfast dish — enjoy!


2 large eggs, whole
¼ cup asparagus tips, cooked
1 tbsp. margarine, soft, light, non-hydrogenated

¼ tsp. dried dill
dash tabasco sauce
pinch black pepper


1. Beat eggs in a bowl with tabasco sauce and black pepper.

2. Heat margarine in a non-stick pan.

3. Pour egg mixture into the hot pan and cook, tipping the pan until the egg sets on the bottom creating a large circle.

4. Slide the cooked egg onto a plate, place the asparagus tip on one side, then fold the other side of the egg on top.

5. Garnish the omelet with dill and serve.


If you like more spice or heat, add more tabasco sauce without affecting your allotments!

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