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Brunch: Best Foods for Weight Loss & The Worst

Brunch: Best Foods for Weight Loss & The Worst

Ah, the Sunday brunch extravaganza! Eggs Benny drowning in creamy hollandaise, waffles piled high with whipped cream, mountains of crispy bacon…How can you still enjoy the experience while sticking to your weight loss program? Here are the best foods for weight loss for you to consider for brunch (we promise there are some good options): 

  1. Eggcellent Choices

    You’ll almost always find an omelet on the menu. Ask for a veggie omelet cooked with non-fat cooking spray and made with two eggs. If you have high cholesterol, heart disease, or just want to lower the fat content, ask for four egg whites. Jazz it up with some hot sauce and you’ve got yourself a spicy, eggy breakfast to enjoy!
  2. Toasty Avocado

    Avocado toast is now fairly common on menus, especially in “fancy” spots, so consider giving this healthy fat option a try! We recommend removing any over-caloric garnishes like feta or creamy sauces, but if they give you an egg topper, feel free to throw it on your toast. 
  3. You-got-this Parfait

    A yogurt parfait is a beautiful option for a light brunch. They are usually “instagramable” also, because of all the colours and layers. Try and ask for sugar-free granola, so that you get the healthiest ingredients possible! But if there is a little sugar, just be conscious of it for later in the day; maybe don’t have dessert Sunday night. 
  4. Steak & Eggcellence

    This high-packed-protein option is great if you’re hitting the brunch spot after a workout! If there was no workout or one is not planned for later in the day, maybe go for a lighter option. However, if you’re ravenous and know you’re having a lighter dinner and want to treat yourself, then go for this option. Try and avoid the sides and sauces on this one though, because it’s usually already pretty high in calories. 
  5. Fruity Smoothies

    Smoothies are always a good idea if you want something on the lighter side! Pick ones with lower sugar ingredients so you’re staying on the healthier, lower-calorie side of things. Green smoothies are usually a safe bet if they contain deep, leafy vegetables, even better! 

The NOT Best Foods for Weight Loss at Brunch

As much as it’s important to know the best foods for weight loss, it’s also important to be conscious of the foods that are the worst, so you can avoid them. Here are a few brunch options and ingredients we suggest you avoid for a successful weight loss journey: 

  1. Pancakes

    Unfortunately, these fluffy brunch staples are not a great option for those trying to lose weight because they are calorie packed! Not only are the pancakes themselves heavy, but they also come with syrup, whipped cream, chocolate chips, and other sugar-packed toppings. However, if you’re really craving a pancake, we recommend you stick to program-friendly portion sizes and top it with fresh fruit. Just because you’re trying to lose weight doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the foods you love, just do it “smartly.”
  2. Waffle

    Similar to pancakes, waffles are not the best option for most of the same reasons. Again, don’t avoid it if you’re craving it, but be smart about your consumption! If you can try something else though, we do recommend it. You might find you have more energy on your Sunday afternoon if you go with one of the best foods for weight loss at brunch recommended above than your typical waffle. 
  3. Fatty Bacon 

    The side staple of brunch: BACON!  That delectable, smoky scent is impossible to resist during weight loss—so don’t, but we recommend you choose 2 ½ oz., or about 2 medium slices of turkey or Canadian bacon if it’s available. Stay away from regular bacon, as it will only hinder your weight loss journey, and there are usually healthy bacon options now. 
  4. Avoid Unhealthy Sides

    Sometimes the sides are what makes brunch so pretty, but we recommend you stay away from them. Sausages, home fries, hash browns—they’re very high in sodium and don’t belong in any healthy diet. Instead, go for fresh stuff like fruit, green salad, or yogurt.

For some at-home-brunch options, check out a few of our breakfast recipes as they really are the best foods for weight loss in the late morning: 

You got this! Bon appetit.

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