6 Month Weight Loss Payment Plan


• We recommend subscribing to our 6 Month Weight Loss Plan if you would like to lose up to 50 lbs with support and guidance from a certified personal health coach.

• Our 6 Month Weight Loss Plan Subscription will help you lose up to 50 pounds with the support of your own Personal Health Coach, personalized natural health supplements, and customizable meal plan tools.

• Our 6 Month Weight Loss Plan Subscription will give you unlimited personal health coaching, three personalized natural health products, and extensive meal plan support tools.


Our 6 Month Weight Loss Plan Subscription will give you unlimited personal health coaching, three natural health products, and extensive meal plan support tools so that you can achieve your weight loss goal via monthly payments.

Unlimited Personal Health Coaching means you'll receive unlimited, virtual, one-on-one weight loss coaching from a certified expert that will help support and guide you throughout your weight loss journey, whenever works best for you with any one of our Personal Health Coaches you prefer.

Personalized Premium Natural Health Products includes the appetite controller, metabolism booster, and fat burner supplements you’ll receive throughout your program to enhance your weight loss efforts.

The Extensive Meal Plan Support will help you learn how to eat the foods you love in a healthy way so you can lose weight and keep it off for good!

Once you subscribe to our 6 Month Weight Loss Plan, you’ll complete a medical history questionnaire and meet your dedicated Personal Health Coach. Once you've both aligned on your personalized meal plan and your selected natural health products, you’ll start your weight loss journey and enter the program. Subscribe now to get started!

Shipping Information

All supplements and tools will be expedited to your door soon after you meet with your Personal Health Coach for the duration of your program.

Should you need or purchase any other supportive supplements, tools, or accessories, those will be also be shipped to your door shortly after purchase.

Returns & Refunds

Herbal Magic will refund prepaid program costs that are requested within 10 days of a program purchase. Please note, refunds requested within 10 days of a program purchase will only be accepted and processed if the Herbal Magic proprietary program information has not been shared with the client. Herbal Magic proprietary program information includes, but is not limited to; Menu Plans, Shopping Lists, Recipe Guides, Kick-Start Cleanse, Program Allotments, etc.

Herbal Magic will cancel Weight Loss Plan subscriptions with thirty (30) days' notice to our Customer Service Team (unless otherwise specified in writing) for the 3 Month Plan or those shorter, sixty (60) days' notice for the 6 Month Plan or those between three and six months, and ninety (90) days' notice for the 12 Month Plan or those between six to twelve months. Termination will be effective the day following the end of the notice period. Any payment dates scheduled within the notice period will be applied. Contact our Customer Service Team by phone at 1-800-852-5401 or by email at customerservice@herbalmagic.ca.

Clients may temporarily pause their Herbal Magic Weight Loss Programs for medical reasons with a doctor’s note and preapproval from our Customer Service Team. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Unbelievable Program

Herbal Magic is the only program that worked for me! . I had been struggling with my weight for the past 5 years. I tried many programs but none seem to work for me or gave me the boost I needed to get back to a healthier life style. I was tired of being overweight and not having the stamina to do the things I loved. I am so happy I joined Herbal in January, 2020.

The Herbal Magic program is easy to follow and you can eat real food!!! My Herbal Magic coach Jessica was so supportive and stayed in close contact with me throughout my weight loss journey. I am happy to say I have lost over 40 pounds to date and never felt better. I am now out walking and hiking and even kayaking and haven’t felt better.

My wife was doubtful about an online program verses a face to face but I have to say this was perfect for me and Jessica’s calls and emails made me feel I had a partner in this journey. Jessica I can’t thank you enough as I have my self-confidence and my life back!!

I Thank Herbal Magic Every Day

Herbal Magic is an amazing weight loss program. I have struggled with my weight all my life. I am so thankful that I took the plunge and joined Herbal on January 29th, 2020. I was tired of being tired, short of breath and worried about my Blood Pressure. I, like most people, was totally unaware of the coming pandemic. Herbal Magic supported me and tutored me through my weight loss during a time that I know from my history would have seen me gain 30+ lbs instead of losing 50. Now I can easily walk up hills at an average of 1 km every 10 mins. I enjoy being able to bend over with ease and most importantly my Blood Pressure is lower than it has been in years, I am off all my medication! I praise the program for its ease to follow but I sincerely applaud my couch Jessica. Whenever I felt discouraged she was there to offer support, recommendations, and most of all, encouragement not to give up. She made me feel as though I was never alone, and that no matter what she was there to help me along the way. What an amazing person. My one and only regret about finishing the program is that I will miss my regular emails to her. Which reminds me, I was extremely doubtful about joining the program through emails instead of person to person, but I really felt like I was seeing Jessica 3 times a week, it was/is truly amazing. Thank you Jessica, you have made my dreams come true, I hope all your dreams come true as well, if anyone has earned them, you have.

Andrea Crausen
Great program

I joined Herbal Magic in July. I was sitting at 196.4lbs .... yuck
I wanted to get back to my wedding weight (approximately 170lb). Well after a short 5 months I went down to 168, an amazing 28lbs and 21 inches overall and 6 pant sizes! A big thank you to Jessica, without her I would've had an even harder time

Worth it!

I can’t say enough good things about this program. My coach, Jessica, kept me on track, and was always so positive which really helped! When I got stuck, she worked with me to find a solution and I definitely would not have made it to my goals without her help and without this program. If you feel like you are stuck, I highly recommend giving this a try! I tried everything on my own with no success and when I started this, I got to watch the pounds and inches drop off... very motivating!

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