5 Month Weight Loss Program

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• We recommend signing up for our 5 Month Weight Loss Plan if you would like to lose up to 40 lbs with support and guidance from a certified personal health coach.

• Our 5 Month Weight Loss Plan will help you lose up to 40 pounds with the support of your own Personal Health Coach, personalized natural health supplements, and customizable meal plan tools.

• Our 5 Month Weight Loss Plan will give you unlimited personal health coaching, three personalized natural health products, and extensive meal plan support tools.

Shipping Information

All supplements and tools will be expedited to your door soon after you meet with your Personal Health Coach for the duration of your program.

Should you need or purchase any other supportive supplements, tools, or accessories, those will be also be shipped to your door shortly after purchase.

Returns & Refunds

Herbal Magic will refund Weight Loss Plan subscription within thirty (30) days' notice to our Customer Service Team (unless otherwise specified in writing) for the 3 Month Plan or those shorter, sixty (60) days' notice for the 6 Month Plan or those between three and six months, and ninety (90) days' notice for the 12 Month Plan or those between six to twelve months. Termination will be effective the day following the end of the notice period. Any payment dates scheduled within the notice period will be applied. Contact our Customer Service Team by phone at 1-800-852-5401 or by email at customerservice@herbalmagic.ca.

Clients may temporarily pause their Herbal Magic weight loss programs for medical reasons with a doctor’s note and preapproval from their Personal Health Coach. Contact your Personal Health Coach for more information.

Refunds after 10 days of a program purchase are determined on a case to case basis. Contact your Personal Health Coach for more information.

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