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Drinking Water To Lose Weight

Drinking Water To Lose Weight

When it comes to weight loss, drinking water is one of the best-kept secrets. Lucky for us here in Canada, we have clean water in abundance at a twist of the tap! So, here are just a couple of ways drinking water can help enhance healthy living and makes losing weight easier: 

  • Drink More To Lose More:

    A healthy lifestyle all starts with water, as it quenches your thirst without all the calories of sugar-packed sodas and juices. Although water does not flush away fat, it does flush away waste and toxins from the body helping it function more smoothly. Studies show that those who drink more water weigh less, and they lose weight more quickly than people who don’t get their daily requirement of good old H2O. Try this fun Water Intake Calculator to find an approximate benchmark for your recommended daily dose of water based on your body, environment, and lifestyle. 

  • Drinking Water Keeps Hunger At Bay:

    Water also makes you feel fuller longer, so you’ll eat less at and in-between meals. So, if you feel hungry, before you reach for your food delivery app or race to the fridge, take a minute to pause and assess your body’s signals. You may notice that your body is sending you thirst signals, rather than hunger ones. This is because your brain actually emits a hunger signal when you’re dehydrated, so the body thinks that it needs food when what it’s really asking for is water. Plus, the symptoms of dehydration (weakness, dizziness, etc.) mimic those of hunger. To test or help identify your body’s signals, we recommend drinking a glass of water and waiting 15 minutes before reaching for a snack the next time you’re hungry. Practicing this process a few times will help you identify when you’re actually hungry, and when you’re just thirsty. 

As mentioned, the amount of water a person drinks per day depends on a variety of factors including their environment (ex: hot weather), their exercise (ex: sweat level while working out), and their overall health (ex: are they sick or not). However, if you feel thirsty, you’re probably already dehydrated. So we highly recommend always keeping a bottle or glass of water within reach to consume regularly. 

    In conclusion, here are a few tips to lose weight and help you stay hydrated:

    • Learn to recognize signs of dehydration: fatigue, loss of appetite, flushed skin, intolerance to heat, light-headedness, dry mouth, and dark, strong-smelling urine.

    • Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning for general healthy living.

    • Help curb hunger and overeating by drinking a big glass of water before meals.

    • Not a fan of plain water? Infuse your water with lemon or lime to add some more flavour and benefits. Here are a few water infusion ideas! 

    • Always carry a filled, reusable water bottle with you.

    • Ensure you rehydrate your body during and post-exercising.

    Remember, you should not wait until you’re thirsty to start drinking water! Sipping throughout the day will help you stay hydrated and keep your weight loss efforts in check. 

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