Peach Crepes

Peach Crepes

Delight in our protein-packed Peach Crepes Recipe made with crepes crafted entirely from eggs and sweet peaches for a delicious and healthy indulgence — enjoy!


1 small peach, pitted & chopped
2 large eggs (whole)
1 pkg. artificial sweetener

pinch of cinnamon
pinch of nutmeg


1. Cook peach pieces with sweetener and spices in a large skillet until tender and syrupy.

2. Once peaches are cooked, set them to the side and beat the eggs together.

3. Place egg mixture in the large hot skillet to form a thin layer.

4. Once the thin egg layer is set, pour the peach mixture over the cooked eggs, and fold.

5. Serve wrapped peach crepes and enjoy!

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