Classic Swiss & Turkey Sandwich

Classic Swiss & Turkey Sandwich

This Classic Swiss & Turkey Sandwich Recipe is perfect for any lunch because it's packed with protein and full of fiber so you'll feel healthy and satisfied all afternoon — enjoy this hearty eat!


6 slices turkey breast (125 grams)
2 slices whole grain bread
2 pieces iceberg lettuce

2 slices ripe tomato
1 oz. swiss cheese (or cheese of choice)
2 tsp. mayo


1. Lay two slices of bread out and spread mayo on them.

2. Add a slice of lettuce and tomato, along with the turkey and cheese, to one slice of bread.

3. Add the remaining slice of lettuce, tomato, and bread to close the sandwich.

4. Once closed, slice the sandwich in half and enjoy!

For a little extra crunch, if you're eating the sandwich right away, give the bread a little toasting!

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