Shake Shake Cleanse Kit



Flavour (VHP Shakes)

Take the Shake Shake Challenge. Look and feel great in just 7 days with this mini cleanse and week-long meal plan.


• 1 x PB-5

• 1 x WM-4000 Ultra

• 1 box of VHP Meal Replacement Shakes (Chocolate or Vanilla) 

• 7-Day Meal Plan with meals & snacks

• Tips to boost your results!


PB-5 helps with bloating, water retention and overall digestion. Contains herbs that act as a diuretic to relieve digestive disturbances and help keep your tummy flat.

WM-4000 Ultra promotes proper breakdown of all food groups, stabilizes blood sugar and controls hunger and cravings. Useful for those who would like help improving their metabolism. High dosage of B6 & B12 helps to ensure that starches, protein and fats are broken down and used as energy instead of stored as fat


Shake Shake Cleanse Review before and after photo


PB-5: Take 1 tablet 3X/day at meal times
WM-4000 Ultra: Take 2 tablets 3X/day at meal times. Note: bottle will last for 5 days only.

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