12 Month Weight Loss Plan

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• We recommend signing up for our 12 Month Weight Loss Plan if you would like to lose up to 100 lbs and have had difficulties losing that weight in the past.

• Our 12 Month Weight Loss Plan will help you lose up to 100 pounds and teach you how to live a healthier and happier lifestyle.

• Our 12 Month Weight Loss Plan will give you unlimited personal health coaching, three personalized natural health products, and extensive meal plan support tools.


Our 12 Month Weight Loss Plan will give you unlimited personal health coaching, three natural health products, and extensive meal plan support tools so that you can achieve your weight loss goal!

Unlimited Personal Health Coaching means you'll receive unlimited, virtual, one-on-one weight loss coaching from a certified expert that will help support and guide you throughout your weight loss journey, whenever works best for you with any one of our Personal Health Coaches you prefer.

Personalized Premium Natural Health Products includes the appetite controller, metabolism booster, and fat burner supplements you’ll receive throughout your program to enhance your weight loss efforts.

The Extensive Meal Plan Support will help you learn how to eat the foods you love in a healthy way so you can lose weight and keep it off for good!

Once you sign up for your 12 Month Weight Loss Plan, you’ll complete a medical history questionnaire and meet your dedicated Personal Health Coach. Once you've both aligned on your personalized meal plan and your selected natural health products, you’ll start your weight loss journey and enter the program. Sign up now to get started!

Shipping Information

All supplements and tools will be expedited to your door soon after you meet with your Personal Health Coach for the duration of your program.

Should you need or purchase any other supportive supplements, tools, or accessories, those will be also be shipped to your door shortly after purchase.

Returns & Refunds

Herbal Magic will refund prepaid program costs that are requested within 10 days of a program purchase. Please note, refunds requested within 10 days of a program purchase will only be accepted and processed if the Herbal Magic proprietary program information has not been shared with the client. Herbal Magic proprietary program information includes, but is not limited to; Menu Plans, Shopping Lists, Recipe Guides, Kick-Start Cleanse, Program Allotments, etc.

Herbal Magic will cancel Weight Loss Plan subscriptions with thirty (30) days' notice to our Customer Service Team (unless otherwise specified in writing) for the 3 Month Plan or those shorter, sixty (60) days' notice for the 6 Month Plan or those between three and six months, and ninety (90) days' notice for the 12 Month Plan or those between six to twelve months. Termination will be effective the day following the end of the notice period. Any payment dates scheduled within the notice period will be applied. Contact our Customer Service Team by phone at 1-800-852-5401 or by email at customerservice@herbalmagic.ca.

Clients may temporarily pause their Herbal Magic Weight Loss Programs for medical reasons with a doctor’s note and preapproval from our Customer Service Team. 

Customer Reviews

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very helpful remote coaching

Hello, my name is Heather and about 10 yrs ago l joined Herbal Magic and lost approximately 80 pounds. l visited the center and seen my coach every day of the week and had a wonderful experience. After losing the weight l had bi-lateral knee replacements and did not experience the maintence part of the program. So into the present , l wanted to join but never thought this "remote coaching" would be for me. So l just pondered it for years. But then l met a Coach named Laura and l began to see how wonderful she is and "over the phone" imagine that, help me lose weight and be a better me and over the phone. Laura, as l am sure, the other coaches are wonderful as well. Laura has been helping me be a bet ter me and l truly mean that. lt really works. The Herbal Magic experience is so wonderful, l want to tell the world. l feel amazing in just a few short weeks l am well on my way to losing the after gaining the after sixty weight. So if you are thinking about joining, think no more, "just do it" and no regrets. Enjoy, my friends it a great experience. Heather R in Thessalon, Ontario

Great program and coaching!

This program is great as it is tailored to my needs. My personal coach, Jessica Cassale provides me regular feedback and tips. My goals would not be met without her help and the great products the program has to offer.

Sherry LeBlanc
five stars!!

Deciding to make a change to your life is a huge step. A step that I'm glad i took with the help of Herbal Magic!! Within a day of making the phone call I had myself a personal coach. Jessica Casale talked me through the whole program and answered all my questions either by phone or through chat. With Jessica's help and Herbal Magic I have successfully lost 60 pounds and couldn't be happier! I am more energetic, I sleep better at night and I have less body aches. I also really enjoy clothes shopping now!! My advice to anyone thinking about trying Herbal Magic...stop thinking about it and just do it. Live a healthier and happier lifestyle!!”

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