Smart Eating

  • Get a tailored meal plan just for you, with the foods you love

  • Learn the fundamentals of healthy eating and meal portioning

  • Enjoy a fully personalized, balanced dietary plan that works!


Here’s the dirty secret a lot of weight loss programs won’t tell you: they don’t teach you how to eat from a variety of food groups for healthy living.

When you join the Herbal Magic Weight Loss Program, you’ll learn the day-to-day skills to feed your body properly during weight loss and for life-long success. We teach you how to buy wholesome ingredients from your local grocery store and prepare balanced meals so you can fit your weight loss program into your lifestyle (and also share delicious meals with your whole family). Plus, buying locally doesn’t just make for smart eating, it’s smart for your community too.

Like dining out? Instead of telling you your favourite spots are off limits, we empower you with knowledge to make the right choices when dining at a restaurant and even offer a handy restaurant guide that shows you what’s what at popular destinations.

Together, you and your Personal Health Coaches (backed by our team of health care professionals) create flexible menu plans featuring wholesome, balanced food combinations for a complete nutritional approach to your unique health needs. It’s all about you!