Nutrient Support


On the Herbal Magic Weight Loss Program, you'll receive appetite control, metabolism boosting and weight control health supplements every month (a value of over $160).


Real weight loss means making a lasting change and getting the right nutrient support at the right time. 

Losing weight changes your body—outside and inside—but change isn’t easy. Your body benefits from extra support to keep all your systems running smoothly. When you’re losing weight, less food means fewer nutrients to fuel your system when it needs it most. That’s where our exclusive natural health products come in.

Our complete line of natural health products feature premium ingredients and are specifically designed to support your body during weight loss and beyond. Based on the latest scientific research, the products suggested for you work together with your daily food intake to support your body’s healthy metabolism and function. Plus, we’ve created formulations that help combat the most common reasons weight loss efforts get derailed. Looking for essential nutrition? You’ve got it. How about something to keep hunger at bay? Check. Troubled by excess body fat? We’ve got that covered, too.

All of our products have NPN numbers and are authorized for sale by Health Canada. What does that mean? It means we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that you’re getting only the highest quality, safest and most effective ingredients available in the marketplace that are backed by solid science.

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