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Tips For Summer Barbecues (Think Summer Salads)

Tips For Summer Barbecues (Think Summer Salads)

Enjoying yourself at a barbecue — whether you’re hosting or attending — doesn’t have to mean taking a step back in your weight loss journey! In fact, grilling is one of the healthiest ways to prepare your food: think bold flavours and Instagram-able pictures. 

Although there are some health risks to significant charred food when grilling. Overall, if your ingredients are marinated, you’re using a clean grill, and you don’t overcook anything, you’re eating healthily. If you are concerned about the health implications of grilling, it is important to note that a gas grill has fewer sides effects than a charcoal grill. Therefore, we recommend gas grills every time (unless you’re camping and cooking over a bonfire, of course). 

Below are some of our favourite health tips for summer BBQing and backyard BBQ parties, so you can stick to your weight loss program, while making the most out of one of the summer’s greatest pleasures:  

Here are our summer BBQing tips: 

  • Consider The Base:

    We recommend your BBQ party base menu be grilled vegetables, chicken, pork loin, fish, or seafood as these are all lean, nutrient-packed ingredients that will help you and your guests eat healthily and feel full.

  • Only Got Burgers & Hot Dogs:

    If burgers and hot dogs are the only available options, stick to just one of the options and only one serving. We also recommend opting out of the cheese, so no cheeseburger or “cheese-dog” for the health or weight loss conscious. In addition, if they’re available, stick to “thin” buns — or pass over the bun altogether and chow down on a lettuce wrap if you’re aiming for a low-carb diet.

  • Think Veggies First:

    To keep with the healthy eating plan, and considering no BBQ party is complete without one, we always recommend having or bringing a summer salad to the meal. This will help people fill their plates with vegetables, which are low-calorie and highly nutritious.

  • Focus On The Summer Salad:

    We cannot understate the fun, benefit, and deliciousness of summer salads at BBQs. They are not only a great side, but they can also be a healthy, filling meal option for the vegetarians at the event. Also, summer salads are easy dishes to quickly throw together and bring as a guest to add some real flavour and show your hosts some appreciation and support.

  • Consider Corn On The Cob:

    Corn on the cob is a healthy BBQ side choice if you don’t slather it with butter. We recommend trying a squeeze of lemon or lime juice on your grilled cob instead, with some freshly-cracked pepper. You might be surprised at the light, refreshing flavour you get!

  • Limit The Booze:

    BBQs and beers or sangria tend to go hand-in-hand, however, we recommend you don’t go overboard with the alcohol. Alcohol can quickly add up calories, so we recommend you stick to light beer, spritzers, and sugar-free or low-sugar cocktails if you’re going to indulge. As a reminder, and we are ok with being the party chaperone, don’t forget to drink lots of water to stay hydrated!

  • Simplify Your Condiments:

    When it comes to condiments and healthy eating, steer away from mayo and opt for a dollop of Greek yogurt along with veg-based fixings like salsa, avocado, and loads of seasonal vegetables. Mustard is also a low-calorie option to use, but try and limit the ketchup, unless it’s homemade, because the store-bought brands are packed with sugar!

  • Try And Avoid Ribs:

    Baby backs ribs may be a fancy addition to a BBQ party and taste great, but they're also full of fat. If you are craving finger-lickin' ribs, indulge in BBQed, sauced-up chicken breasts or pork loin instead. This leaner meat will allow you to eat the sugary BBQ sauce guilt-free. 

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