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Our 3 Month Weight Loss Plan Explained

Our 3 Month Weight Loss Plan Explained

Are you ready to transform your body to become healthier and happier?

If so, get started with our 3 Month Weight Loss Plan, which will help you lose up to 25 lbs. in just 12 weeks! In this Wellness Article, we explain why 3 Month Plan is the perfect "Getting Started Program" by highlighting our approach to weight loss, the key components of our plan, and how it works. 

Understanding Our Approach To Weight Loss

At Herbal Magic, we believe in a holistic approach to weight loss that focuses on nutrition, lifestyle changes, and personalized support. We're not interested in quick fixes or fad diets. Our goal is to help you make sustainable lifestyle changes that support long-term health and wellness. By focusing on nutrition, movement, and mindset, we'll help you build healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Based on this approach, our 3 Month Weight Loss Plan is designed to provide you with the tools, practices, and guidance you need to achieve sustainable results. It's also created to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule. Whether you're a busy professional, a parent on the go, or someone with unique dietary needs, our flexible meal plans and support options make it easy to stay on track.

The Key Components Of Our 3 Month Plan

  1. Expert Coaching & Support: Our team of certified weight loss coaches will provide you with personalized support and guidance every step of your weight loss journey. Whether you need help setting realistic goals, overcoming challenges, or staying motivated, your dedicated coach will be there to support you throughout your journey. Whether you want 3 calls a week or 3 calls a day, they will be there for you! 

  2. Personalized Meal Plans: Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all diets. With our program, you'll receive personalized meal plans tailored to your dietary preferences, goals, and lifestyle. Your dedicated coach will work with you to create delicious and nutritious meal options that keep you satisfied while promoting weight loss. We promise that you'll still be able to eat all the foods you love and enjoy that glass of wine (or any other drink of choice), as you'll learn how to do so in a healthy, weight-loss-friendly way. 

  3. Natural Health Supplements: This weight loss plan includes 3 of our premium natural health supplements, scientifically formulated to support your weight loss efforts. Your supplements will be selected for you, by your coach, based on your preferences, sensitives, and more! The 3 supplements included with the plan are an appetite controller, a metabolism booster, and a fat burner. 

  4. Accountability & Tracking: Keeping track of your progress is key to staying motivated and engaged with your goals. Our program includes tools and resources to help you track your food intake, exercise, and progress toward your weight loss goal. Plus, you'll be accountable to your weight loss coach during your regular scheduled check-ins to help you stay motivated. The more you share with your coach, the more they can help you! 

  5. Fitness Encouragement: Exercise and movement is an essential component of any weight loss journey. With that in mind, your coach can provide you with suggestions to help you get your body moving, while helping you find enjoyable and sustainable ways to stay active and boost your results. The movement goal for our plans is to have you taking 10,000 steps a day, which is easier to do than you think! 

How Our 3 Month Plan Works

Once you sign up for your 3 Month Plan, you’ll complete a medical history questionnaire and meet your dedicated Personal Health Coach. Once you’ve both aligned on your personalized meal plan and your selected natural health supplements, you’ll start your weight loss journey and enter the program.

You'll start in Phase 1, which we affectionately call the "Kickstarter." This two-day phase will get you started with your supplements to help cleanse and kick-start your body so it’s ready to lose weight. Once you’ve completed the two-day cleanse, you’ll move on to Phase 2. 

We call Phase 2 "Determination," because we're determined to help you start losing weight and see results. In this phase, your coaches will continue to teach you how to customize your meals and use our allotment system so you can make healthy, wholesome meals. You’ll be in this phase until you lose your first 10 pounds. Once you’ve lost those initial pounds, you’ll move to Phase 3.

The "Transformation" Phase, will give you access to more diverse foods, while continuing to meet with your coach and take your supplements. You’ll be in this phase until you reach your goal weight. Once you’ve achieved your goal, you’ll move to Phase 4, "Maintenance," which will teach you how to keep the weight you lost off for good! 

Time To Start Your Weight Loss Journey 

Now that you know the ins and outs of our 3 Month Weight Loss Plan, it's time to sign up and discover the transformative power of personalized support, expert guidance, and premium natural health supplements. Backed by years of experience and thousands of success stories, you can trust that you're in good hands on this plan as you work towards a healthier, happier you 💚

If you need help signing up for this plan, please contact us by giving us a call, toll-free, at 1-800-852-5401, by sending us an email at, or by booking a free consultation with our Lead Personal Health Coach. 

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