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10 Tips For A Successful Holiday Weight Loss Plan

10 Tips For A Successful Holiday Weight Loss Plan

10 Tips For A Successful Holiday Weight Loss Plan

We all know that the holiday season can be tough! Holiday gatherings, whether they are for work or with family, tend to include tasty drinks, savoury meals, and of course, delicious treats. With all those elements, it can be very challenging to maintain your weight, let alone lose weight. But it is possible if you really want to lose weight and you’re committed to your attainable goal.  

First, we recommend checking out and trying one of our healthy recipes! If you work one of these recipes into your daily holiday menu, your weight loss plan is already in action. In addition, we asked our Personal Health Coaches to share some tips that have worked for them in the past. Here are a few of their weight loss plan tips and tricks for the holiday: 

  1. Plan your Herbal Magic Food Journal in advance, and be sure to eat 3 meals and snacks every day.
  2. Prepare veggies, fruits, and lunches/dinners for the week, and keep them in the fridge or freezer.
  3. Record your food selections, emotions, hunger, and successes in your food journal.
  4. Visualize your success by imagining yourself at your goal weight and back into your “skinny” jeans!
  5. Seek encouragement from your family and friends by asking for their support, so you’re not alone on this challenging road. 
  6. Set mini goals and record your progress by writing down one thing you did to achieve your goal each day and one thing you want to do to progress the next day.
  7. Listen to your body by taking notes on what works to fight cravings or what triggers weight gain.
  8. Reward yourself with something that you enjoy, that is non-food-related, like a massage or a new outfit when you achieve small milestones. 
  9. Own your success by allowing yourself to feel good about your big achievements...and your small ones!
  10. Keep in regular contact with your Personal Health Coach, because they are always there for you!

These tips will definitely help you stay on the right track with your weight loss goal over the holidays. But, they will also help you once the holidays wrap up, so keep them in mind. A strong weight loss plan will help you achieve your goals. For more weight loss tips, check out: 

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