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Dave J | Herbal Magic Client Review

Dave J | Herbal Magic Client Review

Before and after photo of Dave

Thanks Herbal Magic for changing my life.

Dave J | Alberta | Lost 100 lbs*

Since I have been on the Herbal magic weight loss program, my life has changed
completely. Last September, I was on medication for high blood pressure,
had sleep apnea and weighed 314 lbs!

Due to personal changes in my life, I decided to take charge of my health and start the Herbal Magic program and I have never looked back. I started noticing the pounds drop off of me very soon after starting the program, and it gave me a whole new outlook on life. I became more physically active and felt so fantastic that I could take on new challenges! I started walking and then running on the treadmill, and going for long bike rides. It felt like I had so much more energy! After losing approximately 30 lbs, I went back to the doctor for a follow-up on my blood pressure. It was falling to the point that I went off the first pill and shortly after that, I was off the other. As the weight fell off, I found there was no more need for the sleep apnea machine, and haven't looked back.

I went on a trip to Mexico in March and went zip-lining, rock wall climbing and rappelling, all for the first time, and enjoyed every second of it. Before we stepped on the bus, we all had to step on a scale because in order to zip-line you had to be under a certain weight. I wasn't only under the weight, but was under it by quite a lot. That was a major turning point for me, as suddenly all kinds of doors and opportunities began to open. Suddenly I was able to buy all new clothing. In pants I dropped 7 sizes from a 48 to a 34 waist and in shirts I went from a 4XL to L. I had a new spring in my step! I felt fantastic!

Since being on Herbal magic I have lost over 100 pounds and approximately 90 inches in total. I feel like a completely new person and cannot believe it when I see pictures of myself compared to the ones from the past. WOW! What a difference the year has made. I have become a healthy eater who is physically active and I have a new appreciation for trying new experiences. People that I have known for years cannot believe the difference in how I look. I am a new person: new body, new face, new attitude, new outlook, and new life. This upcoming year I see filled with adventure now, myself and some friends are planning a skydiving trip, something I would have never done when I was bigger. I hope to run in a mini marathon next summer just because I can now. I am going hiking in the mountains without fear of not being able to do it because I can breathe now without stopping every 20 steps. And when I go on my spring vacation this upcoming year. I will not and am not afraid to take off my shirt and sun tan, for me that is a huge accomplishment.

The adventures are endless for me now and the sky is the limit to what I can do. I have and would definitely recommend this program to friends, family and people I meet as it is easy to follow, results happen very quickly and it works! It has changed my life...and has changed me.

Thanks Herbal Magic for changing my life.

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