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Herbal Magic believed in me

Herbal Magic believed in me

We believed in each other, and Herbal Magic believed in us.

Joe, Winnipeg MB, lost 105 lbs*

My name is Joe, and I’m from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Together, my wife and I lost 156 lbs*. It was a journey we did together. We believed in each other, and Herbal Magic believed in us.

I don’t think that you should initially start off trying to get to 300 lbs. I think you make bad choices along the way, and there’s several reasons. It could be how you deal with stress. It could be that you just don’t know any different. And then I really think that you reach a point where you realize that you’re in trouble, and you begin a journey on trying to change that, but you’re unsuccessful because you don’t know how to correct the problem. And so as you sort of go along that path, you begin to feel helpless, and that nothing is going to work, and I think you get to a point where you just give up. And you just say, okay, this is where things are going. There’s no light on the horizon, so you just continue on that until you get to a point where, like I said, you have people telling you you’re at a serious health risk, and something needs to change. The unfortunate or frustrating part of that is, everyone tells you, you need to change, but they don’t tell you what you need to change, or how to do it.

And so with Herbal Magic, it’s kind of like walking into a place where they specialize in this issue, this problem. They come alongside and say, “You don’t have to do it by yourself. We’re going to come along, and we’re going to do it with you together, and help you out, and help you find a better, healthier life.”

*Individual results vary

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