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Tureema M. | Herbal Magic Client Review

04 Apr 2023
Herbal Magic brought Tureema "a sense of self-worth!"
Before and After weight loss photo

Brought me a sense of self-worth.

Tureema M, Alberta, lost 35Ilbs*

Over 6 months, Herbal Magic helped me go from 160 Ibs to 125 Ibs! Now, I have more energy, feel more confident, and am just so happy about my accomplishment. I also like that I don’t have to worry about what to wear anymore because everything fits, and as a busy mom, wife, and home builder that is a huge blessing.

I would not have achieved my goal weight without the help of Elias, my Personal Health Coach. He called me right on time, at the time of day that worked for me, and gave me the encouragement I needed to keep going. The simple and easy-to-follow plan he helped me make changed my life, my relationship with food, and how I feel about the control I have over what happens to me.

I signed up for Herbal Magic’s Weight Loss Program because I wanted to feel great and be healthier, and that was challenging because my body was changing in all the wrong ways. Now, having reached my goal, I know I can do anything I want to…one day at a time with a simple plan.

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