Layered Dip

Layered Dip

Try our healthy Layered Dip Recipe if you're looking for the perfect appetizer, snack, or light lunch because it's easy to make and extremely tasty — savour the dip!


1 cup avocado, mashed
6 oz. Greek yogurt (plain, 1% or non-fat)
¾ cup black beans

2 cups tomato, chopped
4 oz. shredded cheese (20% or less milk fat)
4 small 4” pitas, whole wheat


1. Using a medium bowl, spread mashed avocado across the bottom to make a bottom layer.

2. Then, add the Greek yogurt on top, being sure to smooth as needed.

3. Once you have your base layers, continue to build your dip by adding the black beans, followed by tomatoes.

4. Finish this tasty dip off with shredded cheese and diced avocado if desired.

5. Toast pitas, and serve alongside dip.

Feel free to mix up the order of the layers, as playing with the layers can enhance the flavours!

Also, serve the dip in little dishes if you're having a party so everyone is not fighting over the same bowl.

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