Brie Caramel Apple Skewers

Brie Caramel Apple Skewers

This Brie Caramel Apple Skewers recipe is a creamy and sweet pre-dinner treat to awaken taste buds before any dinner party — enjoy!


6 cups apple, cubed (approximately 4 apples)
12 oz. brie cheese, cubed
1 cup hot caramel sauce

4 tbsp. dried cranberry
12 appetizer skewers


1. Take one appetizer skewer, then add a cube of apple, a cube of brie, a cube of apple, a cube of brie, and a cube of apple.

2. Place the skewer on a serving tray or platter.

3. Repeat this pattern till all 12 skewers are complete.

4. Once all 12 skewers are on the serving tray, drizzle them with the warm caramel sauce, sprinkle with dried cranberries, then serve, and enjoy!

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