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Steakhouse Rules for Successful Weight Loss

Steakhouses have innovative kitchens, taking simple cuts of meats and creating multiple new dishes. To ensure that you make healthy choices while dining out, take this opportunity to learn more about the different cuts of meat available and how they are prepared. Eating smart means being armed with the right knowledge.

Know your meats – Choose a cut of meat that has minimal marbling (fat deposits in the meat) or that can have the fat trimmed off prior to cooking when opting for a healthier meal. Lean or extra lean choices include round or sirloin cuts.

Simple sauces – Sauce coatings on steaks can be a hidden source of calories, sugar, fat, and salt, which can all set you back during your weight loss journey. Choose peppercorn sauces instead or others based on wine, brandy, beef stock, or green peppercorns. Remember to ask that your steak be served without butter placed on top!

Make veggies your side – Do your best to make at least one side dish include vegetables when trying to eat healthy. Ask that they be steamed or grilled and not cooked with oil or butter. Most restaurants also offer adding an extra side dish for a dollar or two more – a worthwhile and healthy investment! As an alternative to a “fully loaded” baked potato, enjoy a plain baked potato with one serving of chives.

Size matters – Although a 12 oz. sizzling steak may be tempting, order a small 8oz. steak and split with a friend. Remember that 4 oz. beef (lean/extra lean round, sirloin cuts) equals 1 Protein.

Go light on appetizers – Steak dinners are heavy meals and appetizers are no better with options such as buttered bread, stuffed potatoes or onion rings. Choose a lighter appetizer such as a spring salad or broth-based soup for a healthier option. If opting for Caesar salad, ask the server to hold the cheese and bacon and season simply with lemon juice, olive oil and garlic.

Standing apart with fish – Just because you find yourself in a steakhouse does not mean you must eat steak. Steakhouses often provide great grilled fish alternatives! Always stick to 1 Protein to avoid using too many servings in one meal.

Staying healthy in a steakhouse doesn’t have to be a rare occurrence!

Garden Salad, Sirloin Steak and Potato

1 cup mixed greens ½ Vegetable
4 oz. sirloin steak 1 Protein
1 small potato, baked 1 Starch
¼ cup chives ½ Vegetable
1 cup assorted vegetables, steamed 1 Vegetable

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