We Help You Lose Weight & Keep it Off for Good!

We’re so glad you’ve stopped by to see what we’re all about. For the last 20 years, Herbal Magic has been helping Canadians lose weight and keep it off for good. Although our program has changed from its early days, our philosophy has always remained the same. We combine Personal Weight Loss Coaching with a simple and easy-to-follow meal plan, and selected natural health supplements designed to optimize your nutrition and support your weight loss journey.

We have weight loss programs of varied lengths to support your individual goals, whether its to drop 10lbs for an upcoming class reunion next month, or to transform your body (and your life!) with a loss of 50lbs or more. After choosing the program that's best for you, your personal weight loss coach will further customize it to fit with your lifestyle, nutritional status, diet preferences, activity level, and age. Your Personal Weight Loss Coach will be there for you every step of the way, crafting the perfect program just for you!

Regardless of your goal or the plan you choose, all of our weight loss programs include everything you need to be successful, including:

1. Personal Weight Loss Coaching

From your very first day, we introduce you to your own personal weight loss coach, who helps you establish realistic weight loss goals & build a plan to get you there.

Many of our Personal Weight Loss Coaches have additional training in nutrition and fitness, and most have completed the Herbal Magic Program themselvesand have kept the weight off successfully! Our coaches understand the journey you're about to embark on and promise to be your number one cheerleader! They will provide you with all the tips, secret hacks, and motivational high fives that you need to complete your journey.

Your Personal Weight Loss Coach will be delighted to talk to you by phone, text, online chat, or emailas much as you'd like or need, there's no limit! And for those of you living in the Toronto/GTA area, you're always welcome to meet with your coach in person at our office.

2. Meal Plans & Recipes

Meal plans make things easy. They provide suggestions on what you should be eating at each meal, and when. We understand that everyone has different preferences, we know not everyone shares our love of sauerkraut (a great source of probiotics, you know!). So we tailor your meal plans to accommodate the foods you like, and those you don't. We consider whether you follow a vegan or gluten-free diet. We also take into account your activity level and other health factors, to ensure that you are getting the nutrients that you need to support you weight loss journey.

Once we have a healthy meal plan created for you, we share our tasted and tested recipes that you can create at homeyou won't be disappointed! In fact, we'll even deliver new weight loss recipes to you each weekyour inbox, that is! 

Throughout the program, we'll ensure that you learn the basic foundation of nutrition and healthy meal planning, along with tips for grocery shopping and dining outyou'll have all the tools you need to keep the weight off once you hit your goal. Cheers to that!










3. Natural Health Supplements

Balanced nutrition is always important, but now more than ever. We want to get you started on the right foot, ensuring that you have the nutrition you need to support your body during your weight loss journey, as well as to help correct any potential nutrient deficiencies.

Your Personal Weight Loss Coach will help to identify the factors that may be working against you as you embark on your weight loss journey--these may include food cravings, slowed metabolism, stress, and aging. Although your weight loss program includes the core natural health supplements that we recommend to everyone for general weight loss support, we also suggest additional supplements like metabolism boosters, fat burners, or appetite control products to help you achieve your goals.

Our weight loss supplements are made from the highest quality, safest, and most effective ingredients possible. All of our products have a Natural Health Product Number (NPN) issued by Health Canada, assuring you (and us!) of the rigorous quality assurance and clinical testing that's been doneand most importantly, that they really work! 


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