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Judy | Herbal Magic Client Review

Judy | Herbal Magic Client Review

before and after photo of Judy B
I got my figure back!

Judy B, Ontario, lost 17 lbs*

I was tired of clothes not fitting and just feeling uncomfortable. Everything was tight.

I joined Herbal Magic for the 3 month program and had Jessica as my coach. She was amazing and very knowledgeable, and explained things well.

I had weight loss immediately in the first two days and a steady drop in weight each week. 

My coach's weekly support and encouragement kept me going. She kept me motivated with her positive support. I feel energized!

I'm back to eating healthy and I'm more confident and back into clothes that feel wonderful. I feel good again! I got my figure back! I couldn't have done it without Jessica.

I would recommend Herbal Magic to anyone wanting to lose weight. I am happy with my results and owe Jessica a huge thank you. 

Thank you so very much.

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