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J.S. Herbal Magic Client Review

J.S. Herbal Magic Client Review

Julie before and after photos

I feel so much more confident!

Julie S, Alberta, lost 87 lbs* and 113 inches

I am in wonderful relationship with my boyfriend and we have a beautiful child. We had talked about marriage and even having another child. But I was not comfortable with the idea of gaining all that weight, because I already didn’t like my body.

I decided to join Herbal Magic.

As the program began and I started to see the results my Herbal Magic coach had mentioned, I became very motivated. I was very happy!

Shopping for clothes was always more of a chore, a necessity rather than a day of fun with my girlfriends. As the program and results continued, I started to find myself actually getting excited to go shopping for clothes. Looking in the mirror at a new smaller me in the stylish clothes I had always wished I could wear is a feeling I cannot explain.

Before, I had wanted to go out and socialize. Even getting a massage was uncomfortable. The thought of somebody other than me and my boyfriend seeing me in that vulnerable position was not going to happen no matter how sore my back was.

Now I feel so much more confident, happy and outgoing, and my friends have told me they see the confidence growing with every pound lost. My mood swings have diminished and I'm in control.

I am happy to report that my heath has improved to the point that my elevated cholesterol is no longer an issue.

With this new found confidence I have had a discussion with my boyfriend and told him that I would consider having another baby. So today here I am so happy, confident and getting the life that I have always dreamed about. My ultimate goal is not only to plan my perfect wedding and look amazing for my husband to be, but also to continue this new way of thinking and eating to keep my new look for good.

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