I enjoy getting myself back!

Cindy W, ON lost 56 lbs* in 5½ months

In 1991, I thought I was ready to conquer the world. I was oozing with self-confidence. I had just finished my economics degree, had won 2 local beauty contests and was getting ready to marry my dream  husband and business partner.



Over the next 27 years, four beautiful children were born. My husband and I were running a successful dairy operation, which filled any available time that was left. It seemed that there was no time left for me. With a busy life and business, it became very easy to hide my personal weight gain behind clothes that didn’t fit, the success of our family business, and all of my motherly duties.

Gradually, my children grew into adults and moved out one by one to start their own lives.  As my last child left, I started looking at my own reflection in the mirror. This was an eye-opening event in my life. Where had that beauty queen gone?  Was there anyway that I could ever find her again?

I had considered Herbal Magic thousands of times. Finally, after talking it over with my husband, I decided to sign up.

In less than 6 months, I have dropped 56 pounds and 65 inches and WOW do I look great! My coach was very supportive and often it was her optimism that kept me focused on my goal.

This past August, my husband and I danced the night away like we used to love to do. We cleared the dance floor as everyone watched in awe. The compliments flowed all night on our dancing abilities, and I was flattered by all of the people commenting on how I look like I am 25 years old, not 50!

My daughter and I have always loved to go shopping together. I have bought her several new items over the past few years, which I can proudly say I can now share with her.

At work, I have become an executive director for a major company. Part of my responsibilities in this role involves me standing in front of large audiences and speaking to them with confidence. Losing those 56 pounds has increased my self-confidence and has allowed to speak more comfortably. I feel that opening this door with Herbal Magic has allowed me to be a more positive role model for the industry and farm women everywhere.  

I intend to remain at my current weight. I enjoy getting myself back!



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