10 Effective Weight Loss Tips

10 Effective Weight Loss Tips! Losing weight and keeping it off requires knowledge, motivation, support, and — depending on y...

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How to Survive Brunch

Enjoy the experience while sticking to your weight loss program! Some tips for a healthier brunch.

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Is Fresh, Frozen or Canned Produce Healthier?

Regardless of season, every balanced diet should include a variety of produce. Read more →

Managing Weight with Fibre

Focus on including a wide variety of fibre sources in your everyday diet to help reach your weight loss goal. Read more →

Sodium: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Lower your salt intake with these tips, a little practice, and a lot of label-reading. Read more →

5 Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 40

Weight loss for women over 40 is different than for younger women. Read more →

Smart Cheating on Your Diet

With a little planning, moderation and creativity, you can keep in control of your weekly menu and stay on track. Read more →

Healthy Things to Do at Home

Cope, pass the time, and stay positive! Indoor activities, exercise, routines and mental health tips are explored. Read more →

Dining Out Tips for Weight Loss

Here are ten dining out tips for weight loss to help you make the best choices at your next restaurant meal. Read more →

Healthy Eating Tips for Teens

The adolescent years are a time of rapid growth. Teens need extra nutrients to support bone growth, hormonal... Read more →

12 Holiday Eating Tips

12 tips to help you prepare for holiday eating season, plus a sample meal menu that is Herbal Magic-approved. Read more →

How to Barbecue Better!

Here are some tips on how to barbecue better, put together by our in-house barbecue aficionados! Read more →

13 Energy Boosting Food Choices

13 Energy Boosting Food Choices Fatigue can occur for a variety of reasons. Lack of sleep, certain medications, stress, poor...

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The Benefits of Chicken

The Benefits of Chicken When it comes to animal protein, opt for white meat poultry such as chicken. A boneless, skinless chick...

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Will Probiotics Help Me Lose Weight?

Will Probiotics Help Me Lose Weight? It’s no longer a secret that probiotics are good for you. We know we should have these elu...

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Picking the Right Fruit

Picking the Right Fruit  No matter what season it is, we’re always looking for simpler, cleaner, healthier ways to shop, cook a...

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The Benefits of Pumpkin

The Benefits of Pumpkin No matter where you look these days pumpkin-spice flavored everything surrounds us. Pumpkin season has ...

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The Superhero: Spinach!

The Superhero: Spinach! Power packed with nutrients with a fairly low calorie count, it’s no wonder that spinach has been one o...

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Is Juicing the Way to Go to Lose Weight?

Is Juicing the Way to Go to Lose Weight? Juicing is a popular trend and an easy way to get in fruits and vegetables. Nutritiona...

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Stay Healthy this Fall!

Stay Healthy this Fall! When the season begins to change so does the weather. As we fall into fall many of us tend to find ours...

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Can you Really Eat Pasta When Trying to Lose Weight?

Can you really eat pasta when trying to lose weight? Italian restaurants are a popular dining experience but without proper na...

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The Deli Dilemma

The Deli Dilemma Deli sandwiches can make for a quick and easy meal. The trick to healthy deli choices is to know which starch...

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Weight Loss Tips for Passover

Weight Loss Tips for Passover Passover (Pesach) is a Jewish holiday that lasts eight days. Seders, which are traditional family...

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Weight Loss Tips for Easter

Weight Loss Tips for Easter For most people Easter is associated with chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, and well, just lots an...

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Managing Weight Loss & Valentine’s Day

Managing Weight Loss & Valentine’s Day Roses are red, violets are blue, and sticking with the program is the best thing to ...

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10 Tips For Holiday Weight Loss Success

10 Tips For Holiday Weight Loss Success We all know the holiday seasons can be tough! With holiday work or family gatherings...

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Weight Loss Success Tied to Family & Friends

Weight Loss Success Tied to Family & Friends Losing weight is a challenging endeavour; it requires numerous lifestyle chang...

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