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Les programmes de perte de poids Herbal Magic sont approuvés par des milliers de Canadiens à l'échelle nationale. Nous aidons les gens à atteindre leurs objectifs grâce à un coaching de santé personnel, des produits de santé naturels et une planification de repas personnalisable.

From your very first day, we introduce you to your own Personal Health Coach, who helps you establish realistic weight loss goals and builds a plan to get you there.

Get Kickstarted

Phase 1

Once you've chosen a program, you and your coach will map out your weight loss journey with a customizable meal plan. Everything that you need for your weight loss journey will be reviewed with you, and your weight loss supplements will be delivered right to your door!

For the first two days, with the guidance of your Personal Health Coach, you will start in Phase 1's Motivation stage, a two-day plan designed to kick start your program and body. Let the journey begin!

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Be Determined

Phase 2

On day 3, you will transition into Phase 2's Determination stage, where you will embark on our easy-to-follow “allotments” plan to continue enjoying the foods you love, while consuming all the necessary food groups to help you lose your first 10 pounds! Your Personal Health Coach will provide you with recommended grocery lists and recipe guides to accompany your preferences for all your meals in this stage.

Now that you've lost your first 10 pounds (and are feeling amazing) you’ll transition into Phase 3's Transformation stage.

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Feel Transformed

Phase 3

In the Transformation stage, you will have access to more robust allotments, as you continue to progress through your weight loss journey. Your food choices will continue to be accompanied by Herbal Magic supplements as they are in all phases to support your body throughout your journey. Don’t forget -- you will always have access to your Personal Health Coach to help you navigate any challenges along the way.

This is the phase where commitment really pays off! The more you commit to your plan, the more success you will see, and the faster you will hit your goal to move onto the next phase, the maintenance stage.

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Live Maintained

Phase 4

During Phase 4's Maintenance stage, you will start to master a new lifestyle to maintain your healthy goal weight forever. Your Personal Health Coach will help you incorporate more of your favourite foods in a healthy, fulfilling and sustainable way. Your weight loss supplements will be changed to our maintenance supplements, and your coach will work with you to gradually add more calories into your diet. You'll feel confident that you have the skills needed to maintain your new weight forever!

Welcome to the healthier, happier you!


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