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Weight Loss Tips for Easter

For most people Easter is associated with chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, and well, just lots and lots of chocolate. Chocolate filled Easter eggs are in abundance during this holiday and overindulging can lead to weight gain. Additionally, the large family dinners and Easter outings can also come between you and your weight loss goals if you aren’t careful. 

It can be easy to over-eat during Easter, but you must always maintain balance and do not forget about your goals. This year, switch the focus away from chocolate by changing up the way you exchange gifts or have Easter egg hunts. If you have children, hide non-food items instead of chocolates. Not only will this help keep chocolates out of your house, but it also decreases temptations. The magic of Easter can be about the fun and games with family, and chocolate doesn’t need to take the spotlight. If you do purchase chocolates do not buy more than you need. If desired, enjoy 1 piece of dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa, 75-150 calories) as 1 Free Exchange. 

Apply any or all of these tips for the Easter holiday:

  1. Do not skip meals. Make sure you eat a healthy breakfast, a light lunch and an afternoon snack. Your dinner may not be served until late, and if you sit down to dinner starving, you may overeat once the food hits the table. 
  2. Plan a healthy Easter meal with YOU in mind. Make sure there are healthy substitutes for your favourite dishes. There are a lot of healthy holiday dishes you can offer that many others would enjoy as well.
  3. Keep portions consistent with Herbal Magic allotments. If you find it difficult to measure food while at a dinner party, try to have half of your plate covered in vegetables, a quarter in protein and a quarter in starches. Use very small amounts of gravy, sauces, stuffing, and rolls and have only one small serving of your favourite dessert. 
  4. Stay Active. Now that spring has sprung, get outside and get in some additional exercise before you sit down at your holiday dinner.
  5. Focus on the meaning of the holiday and not the foods associated with it. Nowadays everyone has busy schedules making it difficult to connect with family and friends. Enjoy the moments you get to spend with each other and focus on catching up instead of the food that surrounds you. 
  6. Drink responsibly. Drinking too much can impact on your inhibitions to say “no” to tasty holiday items. Stick with the Herbal Magic alcohol serving sizes that will fit nicely into your program. 
  7. Always keep in mind your long-term goal when tempted with sugary foods or drinks. Simply ask yourself if eating this will help you reach your goals. If the answer is no, stick with items that fit on program so you can continue to successfully lose weight.
  8. Avoid the “All or Nothing” approach. You do not want to leave the table feeling overly stuffed. Eat only until you’re satisfied. You can have a few bites of your favourite holiday dish/treat without eating it all in one sitting. 
  9. Forgive Yourself. If you end up eating more than you intended to at a holiday meal, give yourself a break and get right back on track at your next meal.

Try teaching those around you how to lighten up traditional holiday meals, and show them how these new healthy meals can become the new traditional dishes!

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