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Healthy Things to Do at Home

As households around the world find themselves stuck at home, many of us are having to discover new ways to cope and beat boredom. Spring in Canada is usually an awakening, active time, but lately we find our lifestyles looking more like they do in mid-Winter.

Some Herbal Magic program members recently shared ways that they're passing the time. Their suggestions for things to do at home fell into a few main themes: indoor activities, getting exercise, food preparation, maintaining routine, and just staying mentally balanced.

How many of these have you tried?

Exercise & Activities

  • Walking every day
  • Taking online exercise classes
  • Spring cleaning around the house
  • Writing daily in a journal (fun to read in future years)
  • DIY at-home crafts
  • Sewing, knitting, and crocheting
  • Writing emails to distant family members
  • Picking up new hobbies
  • Gardening and getting the yard back in shape

Food & Cooking

  • Cooking comfort foods and old favourites
  • Organizing the kitchen pantry and cupboards
  • Preparing fresh, healthy snacks
  • Baking and substituting with healthier ingredients
  • Trying a meal-prep delivery service and learning about new foods
  • Buying the weekly groceries at neighbourhood stores instead of lining up at the big chain grocers

Work & School Routines

  • Taking online courses in an interesting subject
  • Keeping the same general workplace schedule at home
  • Creating an at home school plan for kids
  • Keeping a water bottle at your desk (or far away—making you get up and move)

Mental Health & Relaxation

  • Avoiding watching too much of the news
  • Taking mental breaks from work or studying as needed (ten deep breaths, meditation, etc.)
  • Keeping in contact with family and friends through phone or video calls
  • Making a plan every morning to provide some structure (list activities for the day, list neglected projects for around the house, and involve the whole family)

Our clients always say that having someone, such as their Herbal Magic coach, to speak with keeps them accountable and on track with their weight loss progress. One said that if she was not on program right now, that she would likely be relying too heavily on eating to feel comfort and ease in these times.

We hope that you, your friends and loved ones are staying safe and healthy.

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