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Burgers & Weight Loss

Day in and day out, we are surrounded by fast food restaurants that open early and stay open late. If can be challenging to avoid relaying on convenient meals when trying to lose weight. Use the following tips to ensure that your next trip to the drive-through will be a healthier one for your waistline.

Don’t fall for combos – Although value meals may be cheaper, they typically include oversized portions and extras like chips and cookies which can set you back on your weight loss journey. Mix and match from single order items instead.

Take caution with salads – Salads can be a healthy option depending on their toppings and dressings. Choose salads with varied greens, like spinach, romaine, arugula, and red lettuce. Limit toppings like bacon and cheese and choose a fat-free dressing (2 tbsp. fat-free salad dressing equals 1 Extra).

Would you like fries with that? – A small order of french fries can add an additional 300 calories and 14 grams of fat to your meal. Pass on fried items like french fries and onion rings, especially when trying to reach your goal weight.

Think twice before you add – Think twice before adding items like bacon, sauces, and cheese to your burger. These additions are a way for added calories and fat to sneak into your meal. Add free flavouring agents such as mustard and Tabasco sauce instead to keep your meal healthier.

Sandwich confusion decoded – Opt for grilled chicken sandwich with free flavouring aids like mustard and plenty of vegetable toppings. When choosing a fish sandwich, avoid those that are battered and fried or contain mayonnaise. To keep burger portions in line, stick with a single patty and choose the smallest burger patty available as a lower calorie option.

Monitor starches – Oversized burger buns and french fries can result in added starches all in one meal. Enjoy your sandwich open-faced and pass on fries for a healthier option.

Order the kids’ meal! – Often times, kids’ meals are not only smaller but they also offer healthier sides, such as apple slices or yogurt.

Be beverage savvy – Water is the best beverage option, especially compared to sugary sodas. If ordering a soda, choose diet versions, request the smallest size, avoid refills, and remember to count diet sodas as part of your 3 sweetener daily limit.

Here is a good reference for an Herbal Magic-approved meal at a fast food restaurant:

Children’s Burger, Apple Slices & Diet Soda

1 hamburger bun (child size) 1 Starch
4 oz. beef patty 1 Protein
½ cup apple slices ½ Fruit
8 oz. (1 cup) diet soda 1 Sweetener

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