Success Stories

We want to be real with you and being real starts with real people. Meet some of our success stories; people who are just like you. Let their personal journeys motivate and inspire you to begin your own.

Andrew lost 70 lbs

Andrew, Kemptville ON, lost 70 lbs*

I wanted to set the example that I could actually do this for myself as well as the players on the team.

Andrew, | Lost 70 pounds
Doug lost 93 lbs

Doug, Kelowna BC, lost 93 lbs*

I decided I wanted to go to Herbal Magic. It just seemed the right thing to do. It fit into my lifestyle, it fit into my lunch hour, it fit into everything.

Doug, | Lost 93 pounds
Liz went from size 16 to size 8.

Elizabeth, Miramichi NB, lost 25 lbs*

As you get older, and your metabolism slows down, essentially your weight sneaks up on you.

Elizabeth, | Lost 25 pounds
Joe lost 105 lbs

Joe, Winnipeg MB, lost 105 lbs*

You don’t have to do it by yourself. We’re going to come along, and we’re going to do it with you together, and help you out, and help you find a better, healthier life.

Joe, | Lost 105 pounds
Selena lost 62 lbs

Selena, Morinville AB, lost 62 lbs*

I asked my husband for Herbal Magic for Christmas. I met my goal, ten weeks ahead of schedule and felt empowered.

Selena, | Lost 62 pounds
Jay lost 60 lbs

Jay, Wingham ON, lost 60 lbs*

But thanks to Herbal Magic, I was able to find the willpower, and I was able to find the right foods to not only keep me full, but also keep me on track. I look back at what I’ve accomplished.

Jay, | Lost 60 pounds
Kelsey lost 100 lbs

Kelsey, Calahoo AB, lost 100 lbs*

Herbal Magic has just stuck by my side, and they’ve never, ever let me feel discouraged, and they’ve always believed in me, and I just could not have changed my life without Herbal Magic.

Kelsey, | Lost 100 pounds
Tammy lost 47 lbs

Tammy, Toronto ON, lost 47 lbs*

I can’t stop talking about it. I actually mention it to anybody who will listen to me. I talk about Herbal Magic all the time.

Tammy, | Lost 47 pounds