Take the first step and discover a new you
The first step in any journey always requires the most courage. Since 1993, countless Canadians have taken that courageous first step into a Herbal Magic weight loss centre and successfully lost weight and most importantly kept it off. Take a first step of your own and discover just how amazing life can be when you reach your goal weight.

Motivation is just right around the corner
At all of our conveniently located centres, your team of Personal Health Coaches get you out of the never-ending cycle of yo-yo dieting and change your life forever. Here you’ll learn about smart eating through real-world menu-planning that fits your lifestyle and get the nutrient support that’s designed to fuel your body during weight loss and beyond.

Each Herbal Magic location is loaded with access to volumes of knowledge about weight loss—what works, what doesn’t—and is backed by our experienced team of healthcare professionals who make sure your journey to your goal weight is a successful one.

A proud part of the local community
We’re proud to be a part of your local community and committed to making the people in it happier and healthier.

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