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What is a Personal Health Coach?

We all need someone to lean on, especially when we’re trying to do something as challenging as losing weight. That’s why at Herbal Magic, you have unlimited one-on-one support with your very own Personal Health Coach. They are not only your number one supporter, but they have a variety of tricks, tips, recipes, and strategies to get you to your goal weight and beyond. They won’t just help you lose the weight, they’ll teach you how to keep it off too.


How much weight can I lose with Herbal Magic?

You can expect to lose an average of one to two pounds per week on the Herbal Magic weight loss program. That can vary depending on your age, history, body composition, fitness level, and your overall motivation.


Can I eat out at restaurants while on the weight loss program?

There’s nothing like a great night out at a restaurant with friends, family, and sometimes, a lot of fat and calories. But you don’t have to miss out on all the fun. Our exclusive Guide to Dining Out can help you navigate the tricky world of restaurant menus so you can still lose weight.


Do I need to buy special foods on a weight loss program?

No! We offer real food, for real people, living real lives. You don’t need to buy special food on the Herbal Magic program. We’re not selling processed or frozen meals.


Are Herbal Magic Products Safe?

All of Herbal Magic’s Natural Health Products have NPNs, this means that all our Natural Health Products are authorized for sale by Health Canada.


Do Herbal Magic products contain ephedrine?

Herbal Magic products do not contain any controversial ingredients like ephedrine or sibutramine. In order to be sold in Canada, Natural Health Products (NHPs) require licenses (NPNs) issued by Health Canada.


Can I follow the Herbal Magic program if I am taking medications?

At Herbal Magic, our number one concern is your safety. Your medications will be cross-referenced in our proprietary Medication Cross-Reference System to ensure that you are only recommended Natural Health Products that are safe to take along with your medications.


Can I take Herbal Magic products while on birth control?

We’re extra careful with your health. At Herbal Magic, our proprietary Medical Cross-Reference System (MCRS) ensures that only products that are safe to use with your medications are recommended. This includes birth control medications.


I’m planning to get pregnant but want to lose weight first. Would Herbal Magic be safe for me?

Getting yourself to a healthier weight before you get pregnant is a great idea. It promotes fertility, a potentially easier pregnancy, and better health for both mom and baby. At Herbal Magic, we’ll help you focus on better eating habits so you can lose weight in anticipation of your pregnancy.


I have a number of health conditions including high blood pressure and heart disease. Is Herbal Magic right for me?

Safety first – your health is our number one concern; we’ll review your health history very carefully and check it against our eligibility criteria to ensure that you are placed on the appropriate program.


I’m a diabetic. Can I join Herbal Magic?

At Herbal Magic, diabetics are welcome to follow our programs and eat real food. When you lose weight, you can improve your blood pressure, blood sugars, and overall cholesterol and lower your risk for heart disease. Some type 2 diabetes sufferers are even able to come off insulin and diabetes pills once they lose weight. Like any other weight loss program, you should always talk to your health care provider before starting.



Can I use Herbal Magic to help me lose weight if I am breastfeeding?

Herbal Magic provides a safe, effective way for you to shed some of that excess baby weight while you are breastfeeding. We’ve developed a breastfeeding program to make sure nursing mothers and their babies are getting all of the nutrients they need while moms lose weight. Because you eat Real Food on the Herbal Magic program, you don’t have to worry about all the additives and preservatives that are often found in the pre-packaged meals that some diet companies sell you. We’ll help you eat healthy while you feed your baby – to get you out of your pregnancy clothes and into your skinny jeans in no time.

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